Border Research Reports

The Border Research Reports consist on a series of relevant data presentations based on white papers, research, comparisons, and analysis of economic and social development issues pertaining to a Binational Region of Influence that has Laredo, Texas at its center.

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Clusters and Clusters Analysis in the Laredo Region

Laredo Economic Development Committee
Member Presentation
Laredo, TX. November 05 | 2020

From Risk to Asset:
Economic Development in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region

Wilson Center's Mexico Institute and the Border Trade Alliance
Sixth Annual Building a Competitive U.S.-Mexico Border Conference
Washington, D.C., June 20 | 2019

A case for the Laredo-San Antonio Hyperloop

Laredo, Texas. November | 2018

Population and Economic Outlook for Laredo

Laredo, Texas. February 25 | 2016

Pathways for Trade: North America, the Most Competitive Region in the World

Presented at the 22nd Annual Logistics & Manufacturing Symposium

Laredo, Texas. September|2015