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NAFTA Research Series

NAFTA map with nation flags

The center's research activities have resulted in a dozen technical reports developed in 1994 on border economic issues ranging from infrastructure needs and environmental issues to the expected impact of NAFTA on Texas-Mexico trade relations and future business opportunities.


Technical Report 1

NAFTA Rules of Origin: An explanation
March 1994

Technical Report 2

Impact of NAFTA on U.S. -Mexico Commercial and Border Zones and the Potential Consequences on the Border
February 1994

Technical Report 3

Labor Mobility Under NAFTA: It's Impact on the Border
February 1994

Technical Report 4

Impact of NAFTA on Border Maquiladoras and Industrial Activity
April 1994

Technical Report 6

U.S.-Mexico Trade Patterns Under NAFTA
March 1994

Technical Report 7

Overweights to Pay the Price
March 1994

Technical Report 8

Standards as Non-Tariff Barriers: NAFTA's Impact
February 1994

Technical Report 9

NAFTA Certificate of Origin
May 1994

Technical Report 10

The Texas Border With Mexico: Opportunities and Challenges
October 1994

Technical Report 11

Issues in the Maquila Industry Along the Texas-Mexico Border
May 1994

Technical Report 12

NAFTA One Year After Implementation: A Preliminary Assessment of Selected Impacts
Only available in hard copy

Technical Report 13

Evaluation of the Texas Water Bank
June 2001